The Parenting Couch is a new podcast by comedian, former radio host and Mum-Sarah Levett. Designed for the interested and invested parent, and inspired by all our children. Interviews each week with professionals, celebrities, parents and even kids. The aim is to become more informed, connected and feel more supported! To have a laugh and honest chat about what parenting is really like. Thanks for tuning in!

Episode #1 with Play School presenter, Actress, yoga teacher, writer, Mum and story teller Rachael Coopes. A very honest and open conversation about what parenting is really like. How we need to connect more. And what it is like when you are on a kids TV show and YOUR kid melts down in public. The juggle is real!

Episode #2 In just 4 years Sam Wood went from being a bachelor on TV. To finding the love of his life, becoming a Step Dad, launching his online business, buying a house and now is a Dad to 2 under 3. Sam is very open about how he has managed to swim and not sink under all of these potential minefields.

Episode #3 Jessica Napier joins The Parenting Couch to talk about going from the glamour of being on the screen to her greatest role yet-Mumma. Never mind reality TV, this interview is all about REALITY. The reality of having the picture perfect life. Or is it?