Comedian / Media Personality / Presenter / Actor / Writer / MC

Profile and Highlights

Sarah Levett is widely regarded as an outstanding, ‘rising star’ on the comedy circuit – having performed sold-out tours and to full houses, from the U.S.A to the Sydney and Melbourne International Comedy Festivals – plus many years of early starts and big laughs on breakfast radio.

Between writing, performing, and media appearances, Sarah is also a full-time Mum to a joyful, bouncing bundle of sleep-deprivation and psychological torture techniques – the likes of which have not been used on civilians since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent disbandment of the East German secret police. Sarah’s experiences with Extreme Motherhood!™ have flavoured her wild and outrageous stand-up comedy with the faint waft of regurgitated baby food and environmentally friendly re-usable diapers*.

* In a very half-arsed effort to try to “Save The Planet for Future Generations”, Sarah figured the least she could do was to try environmentally friendly re-usable diapers. It turned out she was right. Trying to recycle those filthy things just that one time was, quite literally, the very least she could do .***

*** Sarah and Baby are now back on full-fat, Pacific-Ocean-clogging disposable nappies, like sane mothers everywhere.

In her teens Sarah studied acting, singing and dancing before her experience at NIDA eventually brought her full circle back to her comedy roots. Sarah has since performed hundreds of shows in Australia and L.A’s premier comedy venues, and has worked on-air at radio stations from Geelong to Newcastle to Sydney – including five years of breakfast radio as star of her own shows.

Sarah was invited by “The Invisible But Very Important Decision Makers” at Foxtel to appear on “Stand Up Australia” for the Comedy Channel, has starred in the sold-out Wild Women of Comedy tours, and has MC’d every type of sport and entertainment event ever conceived my man (and her best guess is that all of these were conceived by men: the KFC 20twenty cricket, the QBE Sydney Swans, and the V8 Supercars).

Between single-handedly destroying the entire planet for all future generations to come in the name of raising just one healthy, well-adjusted, guilt-free child, Sarah played host and “warm-up” act for 2014’s sold-out Puppetry of the Penis tour. (Warm-up. Penis. Get it? Just another little something that could only be conceived by man).